System Architect

Product Manager

Software Engineer


I graduated from the National Research University of Electronic Technology (Moscow, Russia) with a Master Degree in Computer Engineering.

At young age I did a web development, later I worked as a Software Engineer. I developed projects for the university departments using Java. I worked in a company where our team and I have integrated an ERP system. Specifically, I was modifying existing and developing custom modules for Microsoft Dynamics AX, was creating complex reports using SSRS and more.

I have developed multiple personal projects, such as a browser extension, that translates speech in real-time and has over 25k daily users and over 300 installs every day.

Lately, my partner and I have been building our own startup based in Luxembourg, that incorporates AI photo generator service. I am working on the entire system architecture, cloud architecture (GCP), microservice architecture, DevOps, product development, project management, business plan and more.

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